Housing counseling services tailored to meet your needs.

Mortgage and Tax Foreclosure. Homeownership. Rental. Get all the advice you need to make the best housing decision. 


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Habitat HOPE is a HUD certified agency offering equal service to all people free of charge.  There are no income guidelines to qualify.

Housing Counseling

Finding answers to your housing questions is challenging.

  • What options do I have facing foreclosure?
  • Can I afford homeownership?
  • What are the best rental options for me?
  • What do I need to do to build my credit?
  • Are there resources to assist me?


Say goodbye to the financial stress of housing and say hello to HOPE. We believe everyone should have a place to call home. We realize there are many financial barriers to homeownership and maintaining your home.  Habitat HOPE provides counseling services that will help you gain control of your finances and be free of financial stress. 








Mortgage and Property Tax Foreclosure Counseling

Don’t let your home go. There are resources to help.








Rental Counseling

Know your options and your rights.








Homeownership Counseling

Your dream of owning a home starts here.








Home Buyer Workshop

Fulfills MSHDA loan product and other program requirements. Register for a workshop.

Finding housing HOPE is easier than you think.  Follow these 3 easy steps.


Let’s talk

Every homeowner journey is unique, so we will take the time to learn about your situation and determine the right resources to help.


Design a plan together

Work with our experts to learn and implement a plan using the skills we have spent our careers developing.


Gain freedom

Enjoy the benefits of being secure in your housing situation. Stop stressing and have more time and energy to do what you love.

“Getting your finances in order to pursue housing is a major undertaking, especially since my credit needed some work. I was tired of getting referred to people and programs that all lead to a dead end. Habitat HOPE was not like that. I received all the support and assistance I needed to meet my goals. The counselor was kind and helpful and I was surprised how much I learned through the process. This is one program that actually works!”

Program Participant

Your housing problems might not be as impossible to solve as you think, we can help you!

Download our free resource to learn more.

Housing Counseling

Download the free resource and be empowered to make the best housing decisions.

Live a life free of financial stress!

At Habitat HOPE we know you want to live free of financial stress. The problem is, it is hard to reach financial stability alone, we are often left feeling hopeless or lost. We believe everyone deserves a helping hand to reach their financial goals.

We understand there is a lack of resources and assistance to meet your specific need. That’s why Habitat HOPE is here to help. Here’s how it works.

Schedule a call with our trained and certified financial coach to explain your financial set back or opportunity, work side by side with our staff to create and meet your goals and get the financial results you’ve always wanted so you can stop stressing and start living!

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