New Year, New Homes, New Hope Survey Challenge!

New Year, New Homes, New Hope Survey Challenge!

The power to build a new Habitat home in Monroe County lies in YOUR hands! 🙏🏽

Building Houses, Building Hope:

Owning a home is a significant step towards self-sufficiency, stability, and confidence, and it provides a safe, comfortable space to grow and thrive. Habitat Monroe continues to put God’s love into action, by bringing people from all walks of life together to build homes, communities, and hope. Our Habitat affiliate has built 107 homes and counting since it began in 1995.

The process of finding a home can be a stressful experience. At Habitat Monroe, we strive to make every homeownership journey a true partnership. Our family partners are able to reduce their stress levels and gain the support they need, as we guide them through every step of the homeownership process.

At Habitat Monroe, we give a hand-up, instead of a handout. The 3 main qualifications for our homeownership program are:

1) the need of affordable housing.

2) the ability to repay a mortgage.

3) the willingness to partner.

Family partners work alongside our volunteers and the Habitat construction crew, contributing 200 hours of sweat equity work. Our future homeowners partner with us, building on their own homes while learning basic home maintenance and repair techniques along the way.

Homeownership Updates:

To date, Habitat Monroe has helped over 156 adults and over 238 children move into safe, decent, affordable, and energy-efficient housing in Monroe County.

Our 106th family partner, Lauren Gilstorff, and her precious son, Cole, are enjoying making memories in their Habitat home in the Detroit Beach community. 

Background: Lauren had dreamed of a home where Cole could have his own room to sleep and play, as well as have some extra space for herself. Once she was accepted into the program, she was eager to learn about how a home is constructed, how to utilize tools properly, and to be involved in the construction of Habitat’s 107th home. Lauren closed on her home in July, and we are so excited to warmly welcome her to the Habitat family! Her son, Cole, is absolutely thrilled with his new home and spent much of the home dedication event running through the bedrooms, picking his own, hiding in the many closets, and opening and closing, in his words, “the huge fancy refrigerator!”

It is your generous support of Habitat that allows families like Lauren’s to gain a sense of independence and self-confidence.

New Year, New Homes, New Hope Survey Challenge!
New Year, New Homes, New Hope Survey Challenge!
“Working with Habitat has been so great! I couldn’t imagine doing this without the support I’ve gotten from all of my family, friends, and Habitat themselves!”
Lauren Gilstorff

New Year, New Homes, New Hope Survey Challenge!

The New Year, New Homes, New Hope Survey Challenge:

Help us change the world, one home at a time...

Habitat Monroe’s New Year, New Homes, New Hope Survey Challenge is a virtual fundraiser that will begin on January 16th. The challenge will be active through February 17th. The challenge is 100% online and gives everyone the opportunity to raise $150 for Habitat for Humanity, without opening your wallet or leaving the comfort of your own home! 

Our fundraiser is hosted by Hundred X, an online fundraising company with a mission to do good, give consumers a voice and create financial impact for good causes.

Through this program last year, Habitat Monroe was able to generate over $40,000 from the support of people like you. These funds helped to build our beautiful 107th Habitat home!

New Year, New Homes, New Hope Survey Challenge!
The Call to Action:

Our objective is to utilize this campaign to build a better community together!

The New Year, New Homes, New Hope Survey Challenge allows individuals and communities to be more involved in giving back to their community in the 2023 New Year.

Why: As Jesus’ original apostles were charged with spreading the word about Jesus, our apostles are charged with spreading the word about Jesus’ earthly mission by putting their faith into action by participating in Habitat’s mission to provide decent affordable shelter for God’s children in need. Ideally, with people recruiting at the grassroots level, we hope to reach our $40,000 goal!

We are asking members of our strong community to provide time and energy to this cause by completing ALL 75 online surveys and raising $150.

There are numerous benefits to participating and here are just three:

 1) Your participation shares God’s love with an opportunity to grow spiritually by putting faith into action.

 2) Your participation unifies our community in the New Year through a common goal of giving, which attracts new members and reenergizes inactive members who share in the experience.

 3) Your participation is an opportunity to participate in a ministry of service that allows us to experience the Kingdom of God on earth, in the here and now.

Let’s get started:

What personal information is required?

Your name and contact information are required to sign up for the New Year, New Homes, New Hope Survey Challenge.

The fundraising company, Hundred X, is committed to protecting your privacy, and will not share or sell your information to third parties. Your contact information CAN be shared with Habitat Monroe, but there is an option to opt out of this when you sign up. We encourage you to share your contact information with us if you feel so led. This will help us stay in touch with you throughout the New Year, New Homes, New Hope Survey Challenge

This is also a great way to stay informed about other upcoming events at Habitat Monroe, such as Habitat Home builds, home dedications, fundraising events, and more! 

Do I have to pay to take part in the challenge?

There is no cost to participate in the New Year, New Homes, New Hope Survey Challenge, and no credit card (or other financial) information will ever be requested.

How do I help raise funds?

If you choose to participate, you will take short online surveys about products you already use. Each survey question takes approximately 60 seconds to complete. For each completed survey, Habitat for Humanity of Monroe will receive $2 from Hundred X.

Each participant has the opportunity to answer up to 75 survey questions, raising $150 for Habitat Monroe, which will provide new homes and new hope for members of our community! 

What impact can I make?

Participants can choose to take surveys as an individual, but we encourage you to work as a team and see how much you can raise! Teams are broken down into groups of ten participants, meaning each group has the potential to raise $1,500!

The BIG Picture:

As a community, we have the opportunity to raise over $40,000 with this single fundraiser. The raised funds will significantly help our friends and neighbors become first-time homeowners and take a big step toward independence and self-sufficiency. Come join in our efforts!

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For more information, contact Erin Steel at:

734-243-2048  x102

New Year, New Homes, New Hope Survey Challenge!

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