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Ramp Projects

No one should have to endure the struggle, stress, and pain of being unable to access their home safely and independently. Habitat Monroe’s ramp program serves people in need of safe and independent access in and out of their homes, and is a fantastic resource for many Veterans.

Ramp projects are subject to approval by the building inspector & obtaining a proper building permit. Each project may take 6 to 8 weeks for completion. These projects are subject to the availability of funding. This program serves homeowners in Monroe County. We are happy to accept your application for consideration.

We recognize that as someone in military service…

  • The idea of owning your own home can seem scary
  • You feel lost on the journey to reach your financial goals
  • You or a veteran you know is in need of a ramp to help improve their quality of life
  • Entering back into civilian life is harder than you thought

We are here to help get victory over these setbacks.

We are the HOME of the free, because of the brave service of men and women throughout history.

If you are an aged veteran, or fresh into your military service, we understand that the bravest thing you can do is seek help to reach your goals. Habitat for Humanity became a certified veteran affiliate in 2020, and is committed to serving veterans with affordable housing solutions. We have realized we can’t do this alone. That is why we have partnered with great organizations to provide these foundational services to our community.

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The value of working with Habitat 

Save Money


Avoid Stress & Gain Support

Achieve Stability

Would you like to invest in veterans?

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We are a PsychArmor(R) Veteran Ready Nonprofit Organization

Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County is leading the way as one of the 1st Habitat affiliates nationwide to be certified.
Habitat international is working with PsychArmor to educate all Habitat for Humanities to better serve our military community. Our local veteran organizations recognize this certification so much they are completing courses and educating their civilian and veteran community on receiving this knowledge and certification.

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