Team Habitat

Your employees want to feel like their work matters beyond the office. They want to see themselves and the place they work as part of the bigger picture, making the world a better place! 


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Build your team and build a home! here’s how:


Make an investment

A combination of volunteer hours and financial contributions doubles your group’s impact


Build a bond

By the end of your build day, your group will be connected with each other and with the community in a truly unique way. The satisfaction that from the build site, will leave your group motivated and united.


See the return

Your employees, customers, and future clients will see that you are making a commitment to make the world a better place, and that goes a long way!

Team Habitat

Perfect for:

Corporate Offices/ Departments


Church Groups

Community Organizations

“It is important to get the Key Realty 123 Sold Team involved in the community to give back, to show teamwork, and learn from organizations such as Habitat to be able to educate others on the importance of helping others,” Jennifer MacLeod said. “The experience we had this week was amazing, my team was so excited to be a part of the building of the new home, everyone left with more excitement than when they arrived. Jim did an excellent job running the site, explaining each task, and enforcing safety on the job site.” 
Jennifer MacLeod

Team Habitat Benefits Chart

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