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This workshop is available to anyone interested in pursuing the possibility of homeownership now or in the future.

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This 6-hour class meets MSHDA and other loan and program requirements for education.

Topics covered include:

  • affordability
  • mortgage loan products and programs,
  • downpayment 
  • understanding credit
  • working with a Realtor
  • what to expect at closing/closing documents

    This class taught me everything I needed to know about buying a home. I felt confident and stress free as I entered into the final stages of the home buying process.

    Program Participant

    April is Financial Literacy Month

    April is Financial Literacy Month

    First recognized in the U.S in 2004, Financial Literacy Month promotes the idea of increasing financial knowledge to better your future. Though the holiday originated as a way to teach the youth how to be financially-savvy, learning financial skills is an asset to people of all ages. Habitat HOPE can help you reach these goals.

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