Show Me The Money

Habitat HOPE & MCCC to Host Show Me The Money Day.

Winter Warriors

On Saturday, Nov. 10, the high temperature in Monroe County was 33 degrees. At 8 am, with a wind chill that sent temperatures below freezing, volunteers began to gather at their designated building site for a day of outdoor construction work. Winter may have arrived a little early this year but these conditions are the norm for Habitat building in the winter.

As the holiday season approaches, so does the season of giving. This means not only giving to our loved ones but to those who need it the most. As we’re reminded of all the blessings in our lives, let us think about those who are not as blessed.


With each new home dedication at Habitat Monroe, we are constantly thankful for the outpour of community support that we receive. We are reminded that we are truly not alone in this mission to provide decent, affordable housing for all. Most importantly, our homeowners realize they have a network of support in their own county.

Habitat Monroe’s most recent homeowner, Taylor, was shown such support last month when Exciting Windows by Couture by Karen threw her a housewarming shower.

Volunteers make up 80 percent of Habitat for Humanity’s workforce. That’s why it can be a daunting task to try and recruit people to donate their time. It sometimes takes a special event to remind both the affiliate and potential volunteers of why Habitat does the work that it does.

This month that event was Building on Faith, sponsored by Thrivent Financial. The month-long campaign sought to connect Habitat affiliates with their local faith partners and encouraged volunteers to be the hands and feet of Jesus in their neighborhoods by helping to build on a Habitat house.

Habitat Monroe could be found amidst goblins, ghouls, lions and unicorns this past saturday at Monroe YMCA. Monroe County Association of Realtors (MCAR's) hosted a free family fun event for all the families in Monroe County to celebrate the Halloween season. Donations were appreciated and MCAR's raised nearly $400 which will all go to local shelters in Monroe. 

IHM Sisters

The Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary have been of vital importance in this community since their beginning in 1845. They have a rich history of providing education, care, and shelter, and have always lived by their mission of building a culture of peace. IHM Sisters are also partially responsible for bringing the Habitat for Humanity affiliate to Monroe.

Home Buyer AM Workshop

HI, I’m Jeanette McDonald and I am a certified housing counselor and financial coach at Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County HOPE Program.

We are a Michigan State Housing Developments Authority (MSHDA) certified housing counseling agency that serves all of Monroe County

Home Buyer

Oaks of Righteousness


It’s easy to get bogged down and discouraged sometime during the work week, especially in the nonprofit industry. That’s why it’s important to take some time outside of the office to reconnect with the community that we serve.

Team Work



Team Building days are great way for groups to strengthen their personal bonds to improve their professional work. We firmly believe in the importance of days like this, here at Habitat Monroe because teamwork truly does, as they say, make the dream work.

Habitat Monroe celebrated their annual team build day on Mon. Aug 27 at new downriver business Rev’d Up Fun, owned by none other than the family of our very own Director of Fund Development Kristin Johnson.


Key Realty

Habitat Monroe prides itself on the impact that it’s able to create in their own community of Monroe. That’s why it’s especially important to us to partner with other local businesses with the same community-driven goals in mind; the Key Realty 123 Sold team is one of those businesses.  

Team leader Jennifer MacLeod also realized this when she sought out Habitat Monroe as a potential partner for her team to volunteer with.

Lowe's Thank you

For a grassroots, non profit organization such as Habitat Monroe, community support means everything to us. It means the difference between building 10 homes in the county or 100, as we have.

The support we have already received for our 100th home is simply astounding to us. That community support continued this week through the employees of Lowe’s in Monroe.

We are very excited to welcome our latest ReStore employee Jim Allen!

We asked Jim to tell us a little bit about himself and why he decided to join Habitat. 

1.  I'm from Monroe and have (1) son - Jake - pretty sure he's mine.

Habitat Monroe is thrilled to welcome back former construction assistant Emily Gacioch.

Emily first started volunteering with Habitat Monroe when she was just 16 years old. Eventually she worked her way up to the construction assistant position and still loves it just as much now, at age 21.

“I was hooked from the first time I came out,” she said. “I worked with Jim (Habitat’s construction supervisor) and he’s just very patient with every volunteer and is willing to teach you.”


Why should a home buyer workshop be the first step in your home buying process?

     … Because buying a home is a big deal. Getting the information ahead of time will help you reach your goal with less stress and more success.



Before you do anything else, attend a home buyer class to learn about:

Lotus Wholistic Therapy

Awakening to the Divine Within and Celebrating the Feminine

Women Build

Who is ready for Women’s Build Week? The Women in Nuclear Fermi Chapter are ready!

Like many years before, Fermi WIN will be bringing out two groups of volunteers to build this week. They have also previously volunteered at the ReStore and helped with fundraising events. This year, they will help to build on Habitat’s 100th home in Monroe County.