American Trucks Generously Gives Back to Habitat Monroe

Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County is excited to announce the receipt of an American Trucks’ Positive Payload Program Grant. We are so grateful for your contribution!

American Trucks is proud to introduce the Positive Payload Program. American Trucks recognizes that pickup trucks are the backbone of the American workforce, from job sites to disaster relief, and everything in between. 

The Positive Payload Program is designed to benefit non-profit organizations who use and rely on pickup trucks to better their community such as Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County. Anyone who works with (or volunteers for) a charity that uses the following trucks is welcome to apply for a $250 donation to the charity they are involved with:

In order to be considered for a donation, the following information is required to be submitted:

-An entry form, which answers what the charity does, how pickup trucks assist in helping the community, and how the donation will be used.

-A picture that showcases one of the trucks mentioned above, while highlighting what your charity is about.

-Proof of affiliation with the charity you are nominating.

To be eligible for the grant, you must be a Non-profit charity organization, and use Ford, Chevy, GMC, or Dodge Trucks in some capacity to assist with normal operations

Organizations can receive only one $250 grant from the program.

To learn more, visit American Trucks’ website HERE

For more information about contributing to Habitat’s cause, visit Donate – Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County (

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