Home Buyer Workshop?


Why should a home buyer workshop be the first step in your home buying process?

     … Because buying a home is a big deal. Getting the information ahead of time will help you reach your goal with less stress and more success.



Before you do anything else, attend a home buyer class to learn about:

  1. What does a realtor do and what is their role in the buying process
  2. Working with a mortgage lender and qualifying for a mortgage loan
  3. Different types of mortgage products
  4. Getting a pre-approval
  5. Finding the best home to fit your needs (and budget)
  6. How much you can afford to pay for a home
  7. Saving for a down payment and down payment assistance programs
  8. Your credit score and how to improve or establish credit
  9. Mortgage and closing documents
  10. Budgeting for home ownership
  11. Inspections
  12. The purchase agreement/contracts
  13. The closing

And most importantly – what do you need to do to reach your goal of becoming a home owner

As a certified housing counselor, my job is to help you understand and navigate the home buying process from start to finish.

This class is for you if:

  • You are currently renting
  • Were a past home owner and want to purchase again
  • Are curious about the process
  • Not sure if home ownership is right for you
  • Want to buy a home as soon as possible
  • Want to buy a home but saving for the down payment  and other costs is difficult

Contact  Jeanette McDonald

 734-243-2048 ext 111