Thrivent Venture Build 2021

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Julia on site of Habitat’s 2021 Venture Build in Woodland Beach

Join us on this venture! Habitat is thrilled to once again be working alongside Thrivent to build a home in faith for a local family! Thrivent has provided Habitat Monroe with a grant to fund a portion of our new home build. We are now looking to our local faith community to join us in this venture, build on this home, and help support our mission. If you have participated in our Building on Faith campaigns before, you know what it’s all about – putting your faith into action!

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When: Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Saturdays, May 1, 2021 – May 31, 2021

Where: Lawndale St. in Woodland Beach, Monroe MI

Who: You and 5 of your fellow church members

What: Building a Habitat home for a local, hard-working family

Learn About Thrivent

The partnership that Habitat shares with its faith community is so important to us and this month-long campaign is a chance to strengthen existing partnerships and make new ones. There are also many other ways to get involved with Habitat and support the Venture Build if swinging a hammer isn’t your thing:

How Heritage Baptist Church Fundraised for Habitat Monroe

• Organize a fundraising activity – Micro fundraisers are an easy way for members of your church to get involved. Habitat is open to all ideas but the activity could be something as simple as members making a donation on a Sunday to be able to have their favorite bible verse or words of encouragement written on the studs of the home.
Provide lunch for on-site workers – Whether it be your own church’s volunteer group or another, our volunteers and crew always appreciate a home-made meal (but they appreciate having pizza ordered to the site just as much. 😉
• Create a welcome basket or other special items for the family – This is a great activity for youth groups who could create decorations or keepsakes for the Habi-family.
• Form a prayer group – Include Habitat homeowners, our staff, and volunteers in your Sunday service prayer. Your group could also visit the site and lead the volunteer group in a morning prayer before they begin their work for the day.

Thrivent Venture Build 2021
Join us (virtually) on April 17 to kick off the Thrivent Venture Build

So, what do you say? Will you join us in being the hands & feet of Jesus by participating in our Thrivent Venture Build? Our volunteer coordinator would love to discuss any ideas for getting your church involved! Reach out to or at 734-243-2048×102.

Let Thrivent Show What Faith Builds Are All About

Thrivent Venture Build 2021
Rockwood First Congregational Church
Thrivent Venture Build 2021
LifeBridge Church (now known as 242 Community)

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