Women's Leadership Initiative

a powerful network of women through a focused investment of their time, talent and treasure 

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Our Mission:

To inspire, educate and improve lives in our community by a powerful network of women through a focused investment of their time, talent and treasure.

Membership Information

All that is needed to be a member is a one-time membership fee of $100. From that point, we will add you to our mailing list and you will receive updates on the needs and programs of Habitat as well as invitations to special events. You can be as involved as you want to be. There are no requirements or monthly meetings.  Our goal is to offer your opportunities to be engaged in our mission and have fun at the same time.

Want to be a member? Simply fill out the membership form below or download this brochure and mail it to the Habitat office. You can also call into the office at 734-243-2048 or email Jennifer at jhockenberger@habitatmonroemi.org to process your membership.

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Submit this form and then either pay your one-time fee of $100 online or by sending a check.

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WLI Committee Members

Audrey Mistor

Carol Lenox-Carlton

Gretchen Eyler

Joanie Mahalak

Kate Hall

Molly Luempert-Coy

Renee Darrow

Shelly Hehl

Susan Vanisacker

Traci Calkins


Triangle Frat: A Decade of Support

Triangle Frat: A Decade of Support

These days, there are so many unique ways to support your favorite cause. Take, for example, Triangle Fraternity from the University of Toledo. They’re hosting a charity Twitch stream on Saturday, Oct. 24, that will benefit Habitat Monroe!  The guys of Triangle...

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Heritage Baptist Church Gives Back

Heritage Baptist Church Gives Back

Support often comes when we least expect it. Shortly after returning to the office after the stay-home orders were lifted, Habitat Monroe was delighted by an unexpected donation from Heritage Baptist Church in Monroe.  In July, the church went on with its...

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Did you know that August 19th is #WorldPhotoDay? We want to celebrate! Here’s how: #ShowUsYourHabitat Habitat means something different to everyone. To us, Habitat represents a safe and affordable shelter. To others, it could mean their spot, their sanctuary, their...

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