April is Financial Literacy Month

First recognized in the U.S in 2004, Financial Literacy Month promotes the idea of increasing financial knowledge to better your future. Though the holiday originated as a way to teach the youth how to be financially-savvy, learning financial skills is an asset to people of all ages.

What do we mean by Financial Literacy? To be financially literate means knowing the best practices for things like spending, saving, investing, and protecting your money. Many people never learn the right way to budget their income or even the importance of keeping track of it. This is one of the reasons why Financial Literacy Month is needed to bring awareness to the need for personal finance education in schools.

Where to start? Financial Literacy Month is about recognizing the areas in which you could improve your finances and financial knowledge, and committing to that change. Identify where you could use help – whether it be understanding credit, loans, budgeting, or how to save. Then seek out resources that can help you become stronger in these areas.

The Habitat HOPE program is a free resource that is open to anyone seeking out financial counseling. Our HUD-certified housing counselor can help you better understand the steps you need to take in order to reach your financial goals. You can schedule a completely confidential, one-on-one, virtual appointment online or by calling Jeanette at 734-585-6701.

In addition to individual appointments, the Habitat HOPE program holds monthly virtual workshops called HOPE Huddles. These workshops are free and entirely virtual, and discuss things like credit scores, what to do in the case of foreclosure, and using your tax return to meet financial goals, among other topics. Be sure to keep up with us on Facebook to get updated about HOPE Huddles.

Take back control of your finances and let Habitat HOPE help you reach your financial goals!

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