Affordable Housing Crisis

Renters with Children hit hardest by pandemic; Habitat offers solution

The lack of affordable housing is what pushes many families to rent, according to a 2018 article by Rent Cafe. As this graphic shows, there are only 40 affordable & available units for every 100 families with lower income in Michigan. 

affordable housing crisis

 The COVID-19 pandemic has made the affordable housing crisis so much worse as, according to a report by the National Low Income Housing Coalition, rental households with children are one of the most affected demographics, along with communities of color. 43% of households with children had slight or no confidence that they would be able to pay their rent next month, compared to 25% of households without children. 

affordable housing crisis

With all of this in mind, Habitat for Humanity works towards a world where everyone has a decent & affordable place to live. If you find yourself among one of these hardest-hit groups, you have options. 

The Habitat HOPE housing counseling program offers both rental & homeownership counseling to help you get on track, financially. HOPE can also help you transition onto the path towards homeownership and gain the stability that it provides so that you & your family can have peace of mind. 

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