Heritage Baptist Church Gives Back

by | Sep 15, 2020 | Donate, Volunteer

Support often comes when we least expect it. Shortly after returning to the office after the stay-home orders were lifted, Habitat Monroe was delighted by an unexpected donation from Heritage Baptist Church in Monroe. 

In July, the church went on with its annual Vacation Bible School with kids ranging from kindergarteners to high school seniors.Each year, the church collects money for a mission with its bible school and they wanted a cause that would fit this year’s theme: Concrete & Cranes. That’s how they came to choose Habitat for Humanity as the cause that would receive their donation this year. “Typically we conduct a Penny War where boys and girls compete to see which team can bring the most coin! However, due to the national coin shortage this year, we decided to raise dollars instead,” said coordinator Stephanie Dahl. 

The mission project was called the Buy-a-Brick challenge. The kids would purchase a paper brick for $1 each, write their name on it, and tape it to the donation wall. The teams were still separated between boys and girls. “They had a lot of fun,” said Jackie Walters, the church’s office manager. “My money went to the boys.”

Heritage Baptist Church Gives Back

The boys did end up winning the competition and earning the most donations. “I have to admit, with everything going on in our world and a lower than normal attendance at VBS this year, I figured we would be blessed to raise $50,” Stephanie said. “My faith was tested and strengthened when we raised over $300!”It only took the VBS class a week to raise the funds for the donation. 

“We are grateful we were able to share this offering with your organization and are praying for each person who will be impacted by the funds!”  

Habitat Monroe would like to thank Heritage Baptist and everyone that participated in their fundraiser. This is a beautiful illustration of the good that can be done when everyone comes together. 

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