Spartan Steel of Worthington Industries Adopts Habi-Family for Christmas

Spartan Steel of Worthington Industries Adopts Habi-Family for Christmas
106th Habitat Home

Spartan Steel of Worthington Industries is spreading holiday Habi-cheer with the Belton family this year!

Spartan Steel of Worthington Industries has participated in Team Habitat Days, as well as adopting one of our Habitat families, generously providing them with Christmas gifts.

Spartan Steel holds a strong belief that it is important for their corporation and employees to actively give back to their community. Supporting the community is a core value at Worthington Industries. The company has a long history of keeping employees safe, practicing good citizenship and protecting the environment.

This year they are spreading cheer to one of our wonderful Habitat families in Detroit Beach. This will be the second Christmas that the Belton family has spent in their Habitat home.

Spartan Worthington Christmas

Our family feels blessed to have been picked to receive such a generous donation from Sparton Steel Worthington Industries. Knowing that such a wonderful company is out there giving during this hard and stressful time, not only for low-income families during the holiday season but for all of America during this pandemic that we are all still trying to navigate through, makes me feel overwhelmed with joy. I want to thank Sparton Steel Worthington Industries for working alongside Habitat for Humanity to make our family’s Christmas a memorable one”.

Kelsey Belton, Habitat Homeowner

Spartan Steel’s generosity is sure to lift the Belton’s spirits as they enter into the new year!

Christmas is a time of giving and sharing with those around us, but that sharing is not limited to those that we love and care for. It’s also for the people we never met. Receiving is not everything, it’s always better to give, to help. Everyone should have a chance to have something special during the holidays. This is a perfect way to give back to our community and spread some kindness and cheer!”

Kerry Ulin, HR Coordinator/Steel Processing, Worthington Industries

Spartan Steel of Worthington Industries Adopts Habi-Family for Christmas

Habitat Monroe is grateful to be able to partner with Spartan Industries in supporting our community.

Habi Holidays to the Spartan/Worthington Team!

Additional information about Worthington Industries can be found HERE


Habi Holidays from Habitat for Humanity

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