Employee Spotlight: FUNdraising Kristin

Meet Kristin Johnson!

A familiar face that you’ve most likely seen at our Habitat office, fundraising events, and home dedications is Kristin Johnson. She is one of our most valued assets in our Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County Family. For the past 10+ years, Kristin has worked with Habitat as an intern, AmeriCorps Member, and currently works as our Director of Fund Development. Kristin has worn many hats during her time with us, and is well-versed and knowledgeable about all aspects of Habitat. Kristin oversees fundraising for Habitat Monroe, which includes submitting grants to garner support from different donors, planning our amazing Habi-events, engaging with the community at home dedications to share about our mission, and more!



Fun Fact: 

Many may not know that Kristin calls the Downriver area home, as she’s lived there all her life. What’s funny is, although she’s from the downriver area, she knows more people and places in Monroe County (due to her work at Habitat).

Before Habitat, Kristin earned her degree in Communications from the University of Michigan. She needed an internship to graduate and a simple internet search brought her to Habitat. She didn’t know exactly what she wanted to do for her career, just that she wanted to communicate with people.


I really like to have fun. It’s what motivates me to do most things, and I love people. I got my professional degree in Communications so that I could talk with people and communicate with them. I didn’t necessarily think it would lead me to a place like Habitat, but it did, and I’ve been here ever since.

Kristin Johnson


Why did you decide to take this job position? What is your role at Habitat, and what aspect of your role do you like best?


Kristin took her current job position as Director of Fund Development because the opportunity presented itself and people were willing to help support her with anything she needed. She loves working with people, so her favorite experiences are planning events, and being able to watch everything come together. 


Kristin has been happily married to her husband Zac for 10 years, and has two beautiful children, Josie and Lacy. We can’t forget about her little dog Zoe, who we love seeing in the Habitat office from time to time. On her days off, Kristin enjoys spending time outdoors with her family and friends, traveling and camping in her camper, playing games, and completing puzzles.



How has Habitat helped with your career development?


Kristin believes that Habitat has been integral in every aspect of her career development. At Habitat she learned how to execute the smallest things like email etiquette, and how to properly thank people, as well as master larger opportunities, like publicly speaking to our community. She also learned how to maneuver being an employee during the pandemic.



Fun Fact: If Kristin could change anything about working for Habitat, it would be having an office golf cart!!


What advice would you give to new/current employees:

“It is important to truly know your role and figure out how you fit within the mission of Habitat. Once you figure that out you become an integral part of a team. You have to hold your own, but also work with others for a common goal. We are trying to be the hands and feet of Jesus. It’s important to ask for help when you need it, as the Habitat-team wears many hats.”

Kristin Johnson

Kristin is looking forward to the new working opportunities she will be taking on, and is excited to experience new challenges in her career.

We have been wonderfully blessed to have Kristin on our Habitat Monroe team, and wish her luck in all her future endeavors. If you see Kristin at our office, or one of our events during the holiday season, make sure to say hi and wish her good luck!

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