Credit and Home Ownership

Are you thinking about buying a home.  Your credit plays a key part in this process.  Here are some steps to take in regards to your credit and reaching your home purchase goal.

1.  Review CreditGo to www.annualcreditreport.comYou can pull a free copy of your credit report yearly from each of the three credit reporting agencies *ExperianTransUnionEquifaxYour free credit report does not include a credit score – Talk to a HUD Certified Housing Counselor for a free review of your credit report and score.*Until April 2021, you can get your free credit report weekly.

2.  Check for errors and areas needing improvement.  This is a credit review checklist to help you as you review  your reports:
To correct errors contact your creditor and/or file a dispute with the credit reporting agency.  You can file a dispute right online.

3.  If you suspect identity theft, contact the Federal Trade Commission:

4.  If you have collections or past due accounts on your credit report, create a realistic goal of repayment by reviewing your budget and determining what you can realistically afford to pay and still maintain your normal monthly obligations.  Determine what items you may be able to reduce or take out of your budget to “find” money or can you create extra income.

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