Thrivent Venture Build, Supported by Volunteers- Thank You!

At Habitat Monroe, we actively strive to provide safe, decent, affordable, energy-efficient housing for Monroe County residents. We want to take the time to thank all who have volunteered during our Venture Build! Over the years, we have engaged with hard-working families, as well as volunteers, on their journey to achieve homeownership

We are blessed to say that we have completed 105 Habitat homes, where 312 adults and children now have access to a safe, stable, and healthy home! Many may ask how we are able to successfully make this happen? The answer can be found in our amazing, benevolent, and dedicated volunteers. 

As you may have read or seen in past articles and Habitat videos, volunteers make up 80% of our workforce. This means that without volunteers, none of this would be possible. Without YOU, Habitat’s mission could not be completed, and those 312 people would not have a home today. This Thrivent Venture Build home would not be where it is today. We are so grateful and blessed to have so many generous volunteers donating their time, energy, and resources to make these homes possible! 

When we have a full schedule on our Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday build days, a lot can be accomplished. If we have fewer volunteers, it takes longer for us to reach our end goal, but we take baby steps. This being said, we are still SO overwhelmed with gratitude for our volunteers, even when they volunteer alone! No volunteer crew is too small to make a difference! 

Every person who has helped has left a bit of their heart and soul in this home, and it truly shows.  This is why when we say we are grateful for all that YOU do… we sincerely mean it.

venture build

If you are reading this article, it means that YOU are a generous, selfless person, who donated your time and effort to help first-time homebuyers achieve their homeownership dream. We want to acknowledge all of the individuals who worked with us at our latest Thrivent Venture Build, located in Woodland Beach. The progression that has been made at 3262 Lawndale Street is astounding, and it shows the true power of teamwork and humanitarianism. We are so proud of all who participated, whether it be through raising walls, cutting siding, or conquering your fears by working with power tools and standing way up high on the scaffolding!

This Habitat build is special because it happens to be our Thrivent Faith Build Venture Home. A Thrivent Faith Venture Build is an opportunity for Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County, Thrivent Financial, and our faith-based community to come together and make a difference. It brings together members of local churches, and encourages them to put their faith into action. 

Our Thrivent Faith Venture Build was scheduled for the month of May. During this month, we reached out to our faith-based community, and encouraged them to come out to the build site to have a fun, rewarding experience. We were blessed, and many groups showed up to participate.

Members in our faith community love serving with Habitat because they are able to share God’s love, and learn about the benefits of our Habitat Homeownership Program. They are also able to gain team building experience, learn about construction, and grow their communication skills. Our inexperienced builders also achieve confidence in using tools, or even feel as though they could repair certain aspects of their own homes themselves. Alongside the effort of each volunteer, our amazing construction team is also to thank for this. They work with volunteers at all skill levels, and make sure each and every individual feels safe and comfortable on site.

Many of our volunteers leave the site amazed at what they can accomplish! One first-time volunteer recently commented that he now knows how to cut and apply siding, after just one day on the build site! 

Habitat Monroe is blessed to have such a great connection with local Thrivent representatives who make this Venture Build possible. We are so blessed to be able to work with our Thrivent Financial Professionals, Mark Johnson and Laura McNabb, who coordinated alongside Habitat to provide Thrivent shirts for all Venture Build participants.

About Habitat for Humanity’s relationship with Thrivent Financial;

“Thrivent has been a national partner of Habitat for Humanity since 2005, building and rehabbing homes across the U.S. and around the world.  From the partnership’s inception, Thrivent and its clients have contributed more than $267 million and more than 6.2 million volunteer hours. Thrivent remains one of the largest non-governmental supporters of Habitat for Humanity.”

“Habitat and Thrivent Faith Builds: Habitat, Thrivent, and churches come together to raise walls, funds and prayers to build a house in partnership with a family in the local community.”

It is such a blessing to have support from Thrivent!

We want to highlight all of the volunteers, both teams and individuals, who generously donated their time and energy during our Thrivent Venture Build.

THANK YOU to the following churches & businesses!

  • Christ the King in Southgate 
  • Elevate Church 
  • Missionary Baptist Church of Monroe
  • Monroe Church of the Nazarene
  • Southpoint Church 
  • St. Mary’s Parish Church
  • Home Depot 
  • Barton Malow

The Habitat Dedication for our 105th Habitat Home, at 3262 Lawndale Street, will be coming Fall, 2021. Keep an eye out, as we will be reaching out to all who have contributed to this home, and inviting you to celebrate with us! We hope to see you there!

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