Helping through Habitat HOPE

Helping through Habitat HOPE
Here to Help
In tough times, it’s important to come together to help each other out. That’s why Habitat HOPE is here to help you navigate this time of uncertainty. It’s important to get ahead of any issues that may arise, so don’t hesitate in giving us a call.

Jeanette McDonald is a HUD certified Housing Counselor with experience in Foreclosure Counseling. She is available to talk with you, via phone appointment only, about your mortgage or property tax delinquency.

If you are not delinquent but are worried that you may not be able to pay your future mortgage or property taxes, she can still assist you. As we move into and through this crisis, there are products and programs that may be available to assist you with your mortgage or property taxes.

Habitat Hope

How can Habitat for Humanity of Monroe HOPE Program help?

Connect to resources and information
Find answers to questions
Help you work with lenders and creditors
Create a crisis budget
Help you meet your most important needs
Protect your financial future
Navigate a financial crisis
By phone appointment only

Call 734-243-2048 for more information

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