Employee Spotlight: Molly Moore!

Help us welcome Molly Moore to our team! 


Habitat Monroe is ecstatic to welcome a new team member to our Habi-family. Let’s all give a warm welcome to our new Director of Family Services, Molly Moore! Molly joined our team about a month ago, and has swiftly assumed her role at Habitat. She completed her employee onboarding activities in stride and has performed wonderfully so far!

Molly has always worked at a nonprofit organization. Prior to joining the Habitat team, she worked at the Philbeck Foundation locally, where she was the Executive Director and launched their foundation. Before that, Molly worked with Children With Hair Loss. Prior to that, ProMedica Monroe Regional Hospital, Adrian College, and at St.Mary Catholic Central. She has done a little bit of everything, but everything has been in non-profits. 

Get To Know Molly!

Tell us a little about yourself!

“I am married with three kids, and my oldest is a sophomore at Adrian college. I have a 10th grader at Saint Mary Catholic Central, and an 8th grader at Saint Mary’s. My husband works for the Michigan State Police. Aside from a short period of time right after we were married, we’ve lived in Monroe. 

“It was kind of a winding road to get here, but the nonprofit world has always been where I was called to be. Years ago, somebody said to me, ‘Act as if what you do makes a difference, because it does.’ I’ve always kept that in the back of my mind; that if every day I could do one thing, no matter how small, to make a difference in this world, that was my goal every day. Some days I think I can make that happen, other days maybe I don’t quite get there.

“I think working in the nonprofit world is the best way to make that happen. I believe very strongly in communities, and giving back, as well as being a part of our communities. I love Monroe, so the opportunity to be here and to really do great things for our community while helping others in our community here at home is really cool!”


Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us!

“This is easy! For 7 years, I worked on the ground crew for the Detroit Tigers up at Comerica Park. I stopped doing that last year because of COVID, because of the shortened season. At that point, when we got called back to work, there wasn’t much of the season left, and I was busy with my family and other things. It was a sort of natural time to take a break and step away.”


What was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

“Working with the Tigers, for sure. It was a good opportunity to get back on the ball field, in a weird way. I also liked that I could go from being professional in a professional role all day long, to going out and getting my hands dirty and just being one of the guys. I was one of two females on the crew, and it was really cool. This is why I liked it… because it was something different. It was sort of a break from what I did all day, every day, for so long.”


Employee Spotlight: Molly Moore!

How did you first learn about Habitat Monroe?

“About 10 years ago, Cheri Willis approached me about being part of this founding/driving committee for the Women’s Leadership Initiative. That was part of my role at the hospital. She had contacted me and asked if I wanted to be part of this group that was launching the Women’s Leadership Initiative. That was really my first true experience with Habitat, and it was a great one!”


Why did you decide to take this job?

“I took this job because I have been part of Habitat from the perspective of being a WLI Committee Member for so long, that I really grew to love the mission of Habitat, I loved the people that worked here, and I loved how everybody had a passion for what they were doing here. At the end of the day, it was a new challenge and a new opportunity.

“I’d always been in a role where I was dealing with people. I had the opportunity to interact closely with the people that we were helping, whether it be through Children with Hairloss, where we were providing human hair replacements for children who were ill and in need, or whether it was at the hospital where I might be talking to people who had other medical issues and were looking for assistance. I always really enjoyed the opportunity to be on the front line of an organization that was making a difference, and this was a new way to do that.

“I had never worked with an organization that was providing housing. It was just an extension of what I love to do, but in a different way, and really meeting the most basic of needs. I believed in the mission, I really liked the people, and it gave me the opportunity to do what I’ve known, but with a new challenge yet. That’s why I like it.”


What is your role at Habitat, and what aspect of your role do you like best?

“I’m still trying to figure out all of my roles as it’s now been just 4 weeks.  I am the Director of Family Services and for right now that means I have the pleasure of accepting new applications for homeownership. I work with the applicants through that process, in terms of making sure that they get all of the required application materials in, and hopefully work with them to get to full homeownership.

“That is probably the most basic explanation of what I do, walk people through that process. What I’ve learned, is that there is another component where not everyone who applies is a candidate for homeownership. Part of that is helping them navigate another path. So if they’re not ready for homeownership now, how do I help them find the path to homeownership that might be a year or two away. Helping to identify other resources for them, or other contacts that can help them through that process, whether it be through our homeownership process or another path. I’m still learning!


How have you felt since you’ve arrived in the office?

“ I love it! I felt very welcomed, I felt very valued, and I’m really excited to be here.”



We are thrilled to welcome Molly to our Habitat Monroe team. If you see her at our office, or at one of our events, make sure you welcome her to our organization!

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