Join the 30_30_30 Challenge!

What if I told you that you could make a real difference WITHOUT opening your wallet or even leaving your house? In fact, by giving just over an hour of your time, $150 will be donated to Habitat. 

How, you ask? Habitat has partnered with a totally awesome company called Hundred X, Express Feedback for Good and we have the ability to raise $30,000 and we want YOU to be a part of it! We are calling this the 30_30_30 CHALLENGE. At least 30 seconds, 30 days, $30,000 dollars.

Join the 30_30_30 Challenge!

Here is how this works:

  1. Starting March 15, text habitat2021 to 31996 or visit this link to sign up from a computer
  2. Create your account and start giving your feedback. YOU CHOOSE the companies and products you use everyday and answer a few quick questions about your experience with that brand. You can provide up to 75 opinions during the month-long campaign.
  3. For every opinion you provide, Express Feedback for Good will donate $2 Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County. 
  4. You have between March 15 and April 16, 2021 to complete these 75 opinions.
  5. Then watch as the money really starts to roll in. 

P.S. Every person that completes ALL 75 opinions, will be entered to win a $250 Meijer Gift Card.

Join the 30_30_30 Challenge!

Invite Others in on the Fun:

We are asking YOU to join not only by participating, but making sure 10 others actively join and participate on your team! Create a strong team of 10 trusted friends, family or coworkers to join. By doing so, your team alone could raise $1,500 (just be giving your opinions).

Join the 30_30_30 Challenge!
Graphics like this one can be easily customized with your information to help you recruit for your team!

With your help, we have a potential to raise $30,000. We are asking you to be a TEAM LEADER which involves you having at least 9 other people to give their feedback on behalf of your team. I know there are a lot of words but this is really easy. Understanding how easy it is will be helpful for you to recruit others to join your team.

We will provide you with email, text, and social media templates so you can easily ask others to participate. This is a numbers game folks, the more people we get to provide feedback, the more money we can make. 

Because we so deeply appreciate you, we don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity to be part of something new and exciting for Habitat and life changing for Habitat homeowners and this community!

We are happy to talk directly with anyone that has questions or ideas about this amazing opportunity. To create a team to join this challenge, contact Kristin at

Finally, it pays to have an opinion 🙂  Thank you for reading and for helping. Here’s to 2021!

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