Oaks of Righteousness


It’s easy to get bogged down and discouraged sometime during the work week, especially in the nonprofit industry. That’s why it’s important to take some time outside of the office to reconnect with the community that we serve.

Team Work



Team Building days are great way for groups to strengthen their personal bonds to improve their professional work. We firmly believe in the importance of days like this, here at Habitat Monroe because teamwork truly does, as they say, make the dream work.

Habitat Monroe celebrated their annual team build day on Mon. Aug 27 at new downriver business Rev’d Up Fun, owned by none other than the family of our very own Director of Fund Development Kristin Johnson.


Key Realty

Habitat Monroe prides itself on the impact that it’s able to create in their own community of Monroe. That’s why it’s especially important to us to partner with other local businesses with the same community-driven goals in mind; the Key Realty 123 Sold team is one of those businesses.  

Team leader Jennifer MacLeod also realized this when she sought out Habitat Monroe as a potential partner for her team to volunteer with.

Lowe's Thank you

For a grassroots, non profit organization such as Habitat Monroe, community support means everything to us. It means the difference between building 10 homes in the county or 100, as we have.

The support we have already received for our 100th home is simply astounding to us. That community support continued this week through the employees of Lowe’s in Monroe.

We are very excited to welcome our latest ReStore employee Jim Allen!

We asked Jim to tell us a little bit about himself and why he decided to join Habitat. 

1.  I'm from Monroe and have (1) son - Jake - pretty sure he's mine.

Habitat Monroe is thrilled to welcome back former construction assistant Emily Gacioch.

Emily first started volunteering with Habitat Monroe when she was just 16 years old. Eventually she worked her way up to the construction assistant position and still loves it just as much now, at age 21.

“I was hooked from the first time I came out,” she said. “I worked with Jim (Habitat’s construction supervisor) and he’s just very patient with every volunteer and is willing to teach you.”


Why should a home buyer workshop be the first step in your home buying process?

     … Because buying a home is a big deal. Getting the information ahead of time will help you reach your goal with less stress and more success.



Before you do anything else, attend a home buyer class to learn about:

Lotus Wholistic Therapy

Awakening to the Divine Within and Celebrating the Feminine

Women Build

Who is ready for Women’s Build Week? The Women in Nuclear Fermi Chapter are ready!

Like many years before, Fermi WIN will be bringing out two groups of volunteers to build this week. They have also previously volunteered at the ReStore and helped with fundraising events. This year, they will help to build on Habitat’s 100th home in Monroe County.

Welcome Jennifer

Habitat Monroe prides itself on providing a hand-up, not a hand-out, to its homeowners. This sentiment rings especially true for our most recent homeowner Jennifer, who was in major need of a hand-up after life had dealt her a devastating blow.

Soccer Littles

Once again, it’s been shown that you don’t have to be a certain age to give back to your community.

Building on Faith

Habitat for Humanity and Thrivent are expanding their national partnership to pilot Building on Faith 2018 which will take place September 16-October 14.

You can benefit from Habitat's HOPE Program

Hope Classes
Millard Fuller

As Independence Day approaches, we celebrate the work of our country’s founding fathers. At Habitat for Humanity, we celebrate the work and mission of our founder, Millard Fuller, every day.

A common myth about Habitat for Humanity is that former President Jimmy Carter founded our organization. In actuality, former President Carter did not become involved with Habitat until almost a decade after it was founded.


Hi, I’m Jeanette and I am a certified housing counselor and financial coach at Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County H.O.P.E. Program.

Changing the world by one’s self is no easy task, but 13-year-old Grace did her part and handled it with ease.

Grace’s teacher at Wagar Junior High School in Carleton challenged her seventh-grade class to do something which would impact the world. To Grace, creating a global impact meant starting in her own home.

She decided she would raise money for local community organizations by appealing to her fellow students. Grace arranged it so that if students donated a dollar to her project, they wouldn’t have to wear their school uniforms for the day.

Habitat Monroe is a grassroots, volunteer-driven, community-lead organization. As with any similar non-profit organization, the numbers may not always be on our side but the quality certainly is here. Jennifer Hockenberger is Habitat Monroe’s newest employee and brings with her an enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge that will greatly contribute to the mission of Habitat.

Manheim's Detroit Auto Auction built on a new house on Woodland Beach with Habitat Monroe on two Saturdays in November. The hardy volunteers stuck it out through bitterly cold temperatures and came back to work in the rain the following week! They worked alongside Habitat staff on siding, installing windows, drywall, and caulking, among other important tasks.