Veteran Critical Repair

Not often does Habitat Monroe have access funds for critical home repairs for local community members in need. As a result of this circumstance when we do find funding we are so grateful! Habitat for Humanity of Michigan was able to provide Habitat Monroe some limited funding for a critical repair need in Monroe County.  Daniel and Linda of Temperance were they fortunate recipients of this funding. 

Daniel is a veteran of the United States Army, was active during the time of the Vietnam war and honorably discharged. He formerly worked as a contractor but is now disabled and limited on the tasks that he can do around the house. His wife, Linda, has also suffered some debilitating injuries. They both rely on social security payments for their income. Despite these hurdles, they do their best to take care of their family in their home.  That’s why panic struck when their roof began to leak in their family member’s bedrooms. 

“It’s hard for my husband because he’s limited to what he can do,” Linda said. “Sometimes you have to swallow a little pride and say ‘hey, I can’t do it, I need some help.’” 

After a recommendation from the Temperance Veteran’s department, they called Habitat Monroe. “I used to do a lot of work with Habitat because I did church things and school things,” Daniel said. “I used to be a contractor and we used Habitat for a lot of things.” 


Habitat Monroe does not have a consistent critical home repair program, however, funds are sometimes accessible for projects that will help local veterans. Linda and Daniel had to submit an application and meet certain income requirements in order to qualify for the repair. Though the paperwork and qualification process took time, the actual repair only took a few days. 

“There was lumber that had to be replaced so they replaced that,” Daniel said, “They were fast and at the same time, they did a good job.” Big thanks to Advantage Hauling in Erie Michigan for helping Habitat make light work of this project. 

This critical repair falls perfectly within Habitat Monroe’s beliefs that everyone should have a safe, decent, and affordable place to live. Breakdowns and maintenance can be especially stressful for families on a tight budget. 

“There’s no way we could have done it,” Linda said. “We’re just so grateful. We thank you for Habitat, I don’t want to get teary eyed.”

Habitat Monroe hopes to continue helping local veterans and their families. Interested in making a contribution to help fund more critical repairs?      

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