Thrivent Faith Build 2020

Thrivent Faith Build

Since 2005, Habitat and Thrivent have partnered to help make affordable housing and better communities a reality for families.


Locally, Thrivent is one of Habitat Monroe’s biggest supporters through their generous contributions and their partnering efforts in the community.

Habitat Monroe is thrilled to announce that we have been selected to host a Thrivent Faith Build in 2020. In 2019, only one Faith Build was held in Michigan. After two successful Building on Faith campaigns in a row, Habitat Monroe was able to grow their relationship with Thrivent in a new and impactful way.




What is a Faith Build, you ask?

Habitat for Humanity and Thrivent Faith Builds bring local churches together to raise roofs, walls, funds and prayers to build a house in partnership with a family in your community.


If you volunteered during a Building on Faith month,

just think of that on a grander scale.

Thrivent Faith Build 
Thrivent Faith Build


Our goals are bigger, as we attempt to recruit local faith partners to help work on the house, as well as help Habitat raise funds for it. Thrivent has committed to funding up to half the cost of the home.

Both construction and non-construction activities will be available for faith volunteers to participate in. Many hands will make light the work and this house is certainly going to need as many hands as it can get.

Much like Building on Faith month, participating in a Faith Build gives your church members a concrete way to put their faith into action and see tangible results. It builds community within your church, empowers church members to serve in the community, and helps build connections among Monroe’s Christian churches.




Thrivent Faith Build

Habitat Monroe is blessed and grateful to Thrivent for this opportunity and is looking forward to giving another hard working family in Monroe, a hand-UP towards affordable homeownership.


Are YOU, your faith based organization, your company, family and friends interested in starting a group and coming out to volunteer ? SIgn up today! 

You can sign up through our volunteer portal HERE , you can call our volunteer coorindator Julia at 734-243-2048 or email at !  



Download your Church awareness and fundraising guide below. 

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Be a part of something great!

Join our Thrivent Faith Build 2020!