Lowe's Give Back To Monroe

Lowe's Thank you

For a grassroots, non profit organization such as Habitat Monroe, community support means everything to us. It means the difference between building 10 homes in the county or 100, as we have.

The support we have already received for our 100th home is simply astounding to us. That community support continued this week through the employees of Lowe’s in Monroe.

Not only have they sent out a group of hard-working volunteers to assist us on our 100th home building, but they’ve also made a generous donation that included appliances, doors, power tools, building supplies, and more.

We have the deepest appreciation for our supporters that donate both their time and resources. We’d like to personally thank the individuals involved in this donation - HR Manager Vicky Pare,  Assistant Store Manager John Dunn, Store Manager Mary Villers, and Account Executive Greg Otzman - for putting forth such an effort to ensure this great contribution.

Though no stranger to Habitat, this will be Vicky’s first year volunteering on our build site.

“This year I’m honored to personally be part of the 100th house build and look forward to many more in the future,” she said, “what an honor to be part of helping families love where they live.”

In previous year’s Vicky has partnered with Habitat for Humanity in other ways like hosting basic home construction clinics for Habitat families in Monroe and Ypsilanti, organizing a lawn care and maintenance clinic in the Westland/Canton area, and gathering volunteers from stores to assist on Habitat builds all over Southeast Michigan.

With the help of Lowe’s, Habitat Monroe can continue to carry out its mission with quality tools that can get the job done. Perhaps even bigger than that, a Habitat homeowner will now know the pleasure of having their own brand new appliances. They can look at their front door and be reminded of the hard work that they’ve put in to becoming a homeowner.