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Awakening to the Divine Within and Celebrating the Feminine

We all resemble the yin and yang, Masculine within Feminine + Feminine within Masculine. For thousands of years our reality has been dominated by patriarchal values of the Divine Masculine, the linear progression of evolution. We are now, once again, awakening to the Divine Feminine. The nurturer, the healer, shakti, the cycles of nature, the circle of life and the spiraling progression of evolution is becoming our new reality. It is through the Feminine that we begin to heal, becoming whole and in harmony with ourselves, others and our Earth.

In celebration of the Divine Feminine, join us for a 21 Day Ayurvedic Yoga Practice to connect with your Divine Feminine, rebirth your perception of self, and nurture yourself and others through Seva (selfless giving). Yoga is so much more than the 60 minute workout we experience here in the West. It recognizes the masculine energy, the feminine energy and the Divine in each of us. There are many descriptions of yoga, and they are all correct. It is a path of self realization, it is a life science, it does include strengthening the body, it is a spiritual practice, it is all of those things and more. In this 21 Day Ayurvedic Practice you will learn what yoga means to you, balance your masculine and feminine energies and awaken to the Divine within. Ayurveda means to bring balance to your natural state of body, mind and soul.

This practice will have a 3-day rotating schedule at 8am over 20 days consisting of asana (body), breath work with meditation & mantra (mind), and self-discovery through Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga (soul). This journey will guide you to the 21st day of Seva, celebrating the Divine Feminine by practicing the act of selfless service for collective benefit. Taking a deeper look into the 21 Day Ayurvedic Practice: Asana will be practiced on the first day of the 3-day rotating schedule. We will be working to clear our bodies of stuck energies, creating space and improving mobility. Our bodies are vessels that house our spirit, our soul. It is our responsibility to keep it clear, safe, strong and healthy so our true selves can be expressed and our soul purpose can be realized. Day 2 of the 3-day rotating schedule will be breath work with meditation and mantra. Pranayama or breath work is essential in relieving stress, increasing prana (life force) of our vital organs, and improving our mental health. Breath work paired with meditation and mantra clears and heals our mind, awakening us to our true potential. Day 3 of the 3-day rotating schedule will be self-exploration through Patangali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga. Each limb offers guidance on how to align with our highest purpose and how to live in harmony with ourselves and others. The 8 Limbs of Yoga break down the principles that bring us into harmony.

When we are in balance and harmony, we thrive in our lives. This practice will rotate throughout the 20 days, guiding you along the path to Seva. On the 21st day we will practice the act of selfless service with Habitat of Humanity of Monroe County by volunteering to build a house for a family in our community, a place they will call home! A 20% donation of the proceeds will go to Habitat of Humanity for future builds.

To join our 21 Day Ayurvedic Practice, call Lotus Wholisitc Therapy at 734.497.4145 or visit www.lotuswholistictherapy.com for more details.

Awaken to the Divine within, celebrate the Feminine and live your yoga!

Awaken. Discover. Thrive. – Guest Blogger - Kimberly Wise, Lotus Wholistic Therapy-Massage & Yoga

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