Home Buyer Education Workshop

I am Jeanette McDonald, the Housing Counselor and Financial Coach for Habitat HOPE (Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County).

One of the things that I do is teach a Home Buyer Workshop. 

We have a workshop coming up on February 12th and 19th, 2019.

I want to give you five reasons why attending this workshop is important for you.

1. You have been turned down for a mortgage loan:

Being turned down for a loan does not mean you cannot buy in the future(sometimes near future).  It just means that there is some work to be done before you can qualify.  This class will supply you with the knowledge and resources you need to reach your goal of buying a home.

2. You have thought about home ownership briefly but you do not think you have the credit, savings or income to actually buy a home:

This class can supply you with information on what lenders are looking for, what type of house you can afford with the income that you are making, and how to repair or establish your credit so that you will be credit ready to get a mortgage loan.  We will also talk about budgeting and how to fit savings into your budget so that you can save for that down payment.  We discuss the programs that may be available to assist you in reaching your goal of owning a home.

3. You know  you are getting a loan product or going through a program that requires a home buyer workshop certificate:

Habitat HOPE is a certified housing counseling agency and I am a certified housing counselor.  You will receive a certificate at the end of the six hour class that will meet that requirement.  And did you know that the certificate is good for one year?  The sooner you take the class, the better.  You will gain information that will be useful in the home buying process and resources that may assist you in buying a home.

4. You can schedule an appointment for individual financial coaching:

Once you have taken the class, if you feel that you need additional information or could benefit from one-on-one assistance in repairing or establishing your credit, reviewing your credit report, budgeting, etc, you can schedule an appointment at no additional cost.

5. You can spend $25.00 now to save time and money in the long run:

The Home Buyer workshop fee is $25.00 but the amount of time and money it can save you in the long run is so much more.  Stop paying high cost rent and find out what you need to do today to find yourself in your own home tomorrow.


Please contact me to register for your class and to learn more. 

Jeanette McDonald 734-243-2048 x 111  jmcdonald@habitatmonroemi.org