Grace Can Change The World

Changing the world by one’s self is no easy task, but 13-year-old Grace did her part and handled it with ease.

Grace’s teacher at Wagar Junior High School in Carleton challenged her seventh-grade class to do something which would impact the world. To Grace, creating a global impact meant starting in her own home.

She decided she would raise money for local community organizations by appealing to her fellow students. Grace arranged it so that if students donated a dollar to her project, they wouldn’t have to wear their school uniforms for the day.

Upon completing the project, Grace had collected over $200 in donations from her classmates. She then decided that she would split the money up between three local non-profit organizations: The Monroe Humane Society, Feeding America, and Habitat for Humanity of Monroe.

Grace chose the three organizations simply because she wanted to help her community, and impact her own local world.

At 13-years-old, Grace proved how easy it is to give back and showed that one doesn’t need to be a certain age or have many resources in order to make a difference.

Habitat for Humanity of Monroe would like to thank Grace for her thoughtful donation and encourage all young students to keep believing that they can make an impact on their own.