Debt, Savings, Home Ownership and YOU

For many, home ownership is the main financial goal.  This goal can be unattainable for some, however, due to high amounts of debt and low amounts of savings.

  • Studies show that over 72% of Americans are either just financially coping or financially vulnerable, struggling to pay all of their monthly expenses.


  • Studies also indicate that nearly 1/3 of all Americans have more credit card debt than savings and most Americans do not have an emergency savings plan.

How can you break this cycle of debt and make home ownership a reality for you?  If only there was a program to help you reduce your debt, establish a healthy budget, and create savings...

You are in luck, Habitat For Humanity of Monroe County is here to help!

If you think you are ready for homeownership, check out our Habitat Home Ownership program. This program is available to ANYONE interested in homeownership.  All you need to do is complete an application and submit the required documents. It’s really that easy!

Habitat Monroe will take it from there. Your application will be reviewed and a determination will be made if you qualify for home ownership.     

If for some reason you don’t qualify due to high debt, credit issues, or lack of savings, Habitat has a program to help with that too!

Habitat HOPE is a program designed specifically to help individuals achieve their home ownership dreams, through learning better financial practices. Our HOPE Program offers Pre-Purchase Counseling where you work one-on-one with our certified financial coach and work on what you need to improve before homeownership.  This is a FREE program and open to anyone in Monroe County. Our financial coach will provide you with the tools necessary to lower your credit card debt, increase your savings, establish a healthy budget and repair your credit. 

Everything you need to achieve home ownership is available at Habitat For Humanity of Monroe County.  Come check us out, you won’t be disappointed! 


Julie M. Walsh Director of Home Ownership and Finance
734-243-2048 X 115