Monroe County

 "We have always believed that we will only find our way forward together. It’s true every day — and will be even truer now." 

"The need we work so hard every day to meet will only grow.” Habitat for Humanity International C.E.O, Jonathon Reckford has reminded us during this difficult time, that there are some things that we can only get through together. 

Habitat Monroe has always touted its mission of building homes, community, and hope. This mission is now more important than ever as everyone is holding on to and searching for hope. We’re relying on the strength of our own community to get us through this strange time. 

As Johnathon Reckford said, right now is the time to come together (while maintaining social distance) and support each other. The medically vulnerable are depending on everyone to stay home and stop the spread of this virus. Medical professionals and other essential workers are depending on everyone to do their part to help slow the virus. And local business owners are leaning on their community to help them get through this unscathed. 

Throughout April, Habitat Monroe will be using our platforms to highlight and thank some of our most supportive partners. The aftermath of this pandemic will affect everyone and we want to do our best to spread love, show support, and lift up everyone’s spirits. Now is the time to come together and for everyone to help build commUNITY. 

In times like these, it helps to be thankful for what we DO have and we have a great, giving community who supports our mission in different ways, ensuring that Habitat moves forward here in Monroe County. Let’s all do our best to show support and say thanks to these local partners of ours and help ensure that they can move forward & continue to serve our community: (CLICK ON NAME TO BE REDIRECTED TO THEIR WEBSITE/FACEBOOK PAGE)

National Habitat for Humanity Partners