Building on Faith

What does it mean to build on faith?

It could mean to deepen your own faith. It could mean to build faith in others. It could mean to build up the faith in your community. To us, Building on Faith means all of those things. That’s why we’re happy to partner, once again, with Thrivent Financial to organize our Building on Faith month in September of this year.


Building on Faith month is a unique opportunity for members of our local faith community to come together and volunteer with Habitat Monroe. This strengthens our partnerships with local churches and strengthens the faith community of Monroe as a whole.



Volunteers for different parishes around the county come together to build on a home or provide a meal for construction volunteers, or maybe even just help to spread the mission of Habitat.



Groups of as small as 3-5 people and as large as 15 people are invited to schedule a September build date with Habitat Monroe. This year, we will be building in the city of Monroe and your church could be a part of changing that homeowner’s life forever by helping to build them safe and affordable shelter.


We have other volunteer opportunities as well, such as providing lunches for our volunteers or hanging Habitat door hangers around local neighborhoods. We also have plenty of tasks for volunteers at our ReStore.


Help us Build on Faith this year and be the hands and feet of Jesus in your neighborhood, by coming together to give a hand-up to your fellow neighbor.



To schedule a Building on Faith volunteer opportunity, please call Julia at 734-243-2048

or visit