In over 20 years of helping families improve their housing situations, we at Habitat for Humanity in Monroe County have seen first hand how critical housing is to families and to communities. We realized from the beginning that when we build homes, we also build strength, stability, and self-reliance which are powerful and essential elements for building a better future. We've built 101 homes, housing 148 adults and 229 children. We believe that everyone deserves a decent place to live and we believe that everyone can do their part to make that vision a reality.

Habitat Monroe has identified our destiny as a local Habitat affiliate. Your support will help to fulfill our mission.

  • We will EMPOWER Monroe County for a better future by providing homeownership for those who need it most.
  • We will ELMINATE substandard housing by building homes that working families can afford
  • We will provide financial EDUCATION to the community to improve stability and quality of life for all
  • We will EXPAND our ReStore to become the premier repurposing agent of building materials and household items in Monroe County.