Jennifer Hockenberger

Director of Fundraising and Media
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Habitat Monroe is a grassroots, volunteer-driven, community-lead organization. As with any similar non-profit organization, the numbers may not always be on our side but the quality certainly is here. Jennifer Hockenberger is Habitat Monroe’s newest employee and brings with her an enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge that will greatly contribute to the mission of Habitat.

Jennifer is Habitat Monroe’s new volunteer and media relations manager. She took over the position in late March and is quickly settling in. Jennifer had previously worked as a marketing manager and coordinator at various places, including Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeons in Toledo. She holds a dual Bachelor of Science degree in marketing and management from Lourdes University in Sylvania.

Jennifer grew up in the small, faith-based community of Point Place, Ohio. Her parents have always been an inspiration to her through hard work, and were the epitome of the ‘treat others as you would like to be treated’ mentality. Though Jennifer had incredible role models in her life, like her parents, she never really settled on a specific career path. She let God and life steer her in the right direction.  

“I’m the type of kid that wanted to be a unicorn,” she said, “I just wanted to go outside and play.”

She did know that she had a lifelong passion for animals and helping others, which she said motivated her desire to help people and work with volunteers.

“I knew I wanted to provide a voice,” she said. “I knew I just wanted to be collaborating with the community”.   

Jennifer’s journey with Habitat for Humanity actually began when she was in high school and volunteered to be a representative for the Habitat affiliate in Maumee. She performed skits during school assemblies to encourage people to get involved with the organization. She said that her parents had always encouraged her to do volunteer work.

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“God works in mysterious ways,” she said, referring to having past experiences with Habitat long before she knew of the Habitat Monroe position.

She found her way back to Habitat, this year, after seeing the open position on Facebook. She said that her goal is to create a more open-minded awareness of Habitat and broaden people’s views of the organization.

“It’s about community,” she said, “this organization can help foster an even tighter community and I think I could be a part of that.”

Outside of work, Jennifer cherishes her time with her family. Her and her husband, Michael, whom she’s known since pre-school, just welcomed their first son, Declan. She still nurtures her passion for animals by raising some of her own, including dogs and chickens. She also serves on the marketing and development committee of Nature’s Nursery, a non-profit that focuses on the conservation and rehabilitation of animals.

Jennifer looks forward to bringing her social media, management, and coordination skills to this role, and is really excited to work with the community through Habitat Monroe.